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In 2005, Clay Tablet identified a worldwide opportunity to increase the efficiency and productivity of high-volume and deadline-driven localization of web content.

We saw the need for a software solution that would put an end to the costly and risky process of cutting and pasting content for export to translation services.

Our goal was to automate the entire process from end-to-end and offer you the opportunity to achieve levels of speed, accuracy and efficiency that were unheard of until the launch of our CMS translation connectors and Platform.

Today, our connectivity platform and CMS connectors are the most widely used and proven solutions available. Used worldwide for over 5 years, the system is stable, proven, tested and endorsed by all leading CMS vendors, relied on by scores of enterprise clients for fast reliable movement of content for translation.

Why Clay Tablet


We are devoted to the advancement of translation connectivity software. It’s all we do. Our focus on developing and improving our software connectors and the industry’s only neutral Platform is your assurance that we provide the most tested and respected solutions available today.


From day one, we have worked in concert with the major providers of content management systems and translation technologies to ensure reliability, accuracy and functionality. Our commitment to mutual respect and cooperation provides us with access to pre-release versions of new software – ensuring that when you’re ready to upgrade – we’re already there.


Every Clay Tablet solution uses CMS and translation-neutral technology so you’re free to switch providers, migrate systems and maintain operations with no strings attached to technology. This utterly unique position provides the peace of mind that you’re never locked in to any technology or provider. Keep your options open and your providers on their toes.

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