Clay Tablet Recommended As “Safest Path” in Evolving TMS Environment

Solidifies role as best technology to ensure long-term flexibility, openness and investment security for Clients, CMS vendors and LSP’s

TORONTO, ON, February 14th, 2008 – In the wake of SDL Inc’s acquisition of Idiom Technology this week, clients, language service providers and technology providers are wondering what the future holds and how best to protect current and future technology investments and strategic positions.

Clay Tablet software has been repeatedly cited by analysts, clients and partners as the best insurance against future uncertainty while providing more efficient translation and richer translation process control.

Recently, in an online session with over 140 attendees, leading industry analysts Common Sense Advisory recommended that clients implement middleware such as Clay Tablet to insulate them from further technology turmoil while providing an open, flexible platform for streamlining translation processes.

As CSA previously commented, “The Clay Tablet middleware solution speaks volumes to the tech-savvy manager accustomed to service bus architectures. Clay Tablet can do a lot of the hard work in eliminating the painful inconvenience of buying TMS solutions based on which CMS they support — or worse yet, paying for each and every integration in larger firms like HP and Sun which use multiple CMS products.”

Clay Tablet connects any content management system to any translation provider or technology – specifically products from SDL and Idiom but also independent solutions such as across Language Server. This unique, neutral position allows users of Clay Tablet to use any CMS they choose and route content from those CMS’s to any translation vendor or TMS.

When CMS’s, translation vendors or TMS’s are changed, through version updates or replacement, Clay Tablet’s intermediary position, and unique “hub and spoke” architecture means that only the connection to the new system needs to be updated, saving days, perhaps weeks of integration work.

Clay Tablet’s advance routing capabilities also mean that content can be routed to various vendors or technologies as needed – allowing clients to create rich, diversified, yet automated translation infrastructures quickly and inexpensively.

Clay Tablet is the only entirely neutral provider of connectivity and routing solutions for the translation industry.

“We’re very pleased to be able to provide our clients with peace-of-mind and costs savings during any period of uncertainty” remarked Clay Tablet’s CEO and founder, Robinson Kelly. “Clay Tablet is uniquely positioned to protect clients’ investment while also giving them truly open and flexible choices going forward. No matter what happens on either the CMS or TMS side of the equation – Clay Tablet makes it painless for clients to adapt.”

About Clay Tablet Technologies 
Clay Tablet Technologies’ unique translation integration software, Clay Tablet 2.0, easily connects any number of content management systems to any translation system or provider. Clients immediately benefit from Clay Tablet 2.0 with improved translation process efficiency, making it significantly faster and easier to set-up, manage, send and retrieve translation projects. Based in Toronto, Canada, Clay Tablet works exclusively with a global channel partner network of technology vendors, translation service providers and system integrators.  For more information, visit

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