Precision Measurement Company Mitutoyo Meets Looming Deadlines with Clay Tablet Technologies

Newly-installed products from Clay Tablet Technologies are now helping the Canadian division of the largest manufacturer of precision measuring tools in the world meet aggressive timelines.

Mitutoyo manufactures the leading precision measurement tools used in manufacturing worldwide. The company is a global organization that does business in many different countries, yet the company’s operations in Canada recently came under the scrutiny of the Canadian province of Quebec. Because Mitutoyo maintains offices in Quebec, it is obliged under Quebec provincial law to ensure all content on its web site is fully available in both English and French.

When Quebec government officials sent Mitutoyo Canada a letter in late 2005 requiring the company to improve the French content on its web site, the company sprung into action. Its challenge: how to localize 192 pages of English-language content as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, in a way that would allow it to keep its content current in both languages moving forward.

Clay Tablet Rosetta WCMS – implemented in weeks

Mitutoyo Canada approached translation service provider ACCU Translations of Toronto for the actual translation work. ACCU referred Mitutoyo to its partner Clay Tablet Technologies for Clay Tablet’s multilingual hosting and gateway translation products.

Mitutoyo elected to host its new site using Clay Tablet’s Rosetta WCMS, a web-based content management system, because of its close integration with translation service providers such as ACCU and their technologies. The company worked with Clay Tablet to reproduce the look and feel of its website on top of the Rosetta WCMS and import its content. The built-in translation workflow features of the Clay Tablet WCMS were then used to pass individual content elements requiring translation to ACCU, such as whole pages, specific paragraphs and even individual graphics. The translated versions were then re-imported back inside Rosetta without human intervention. A full translation, which normally can take months, took only days.

Greg Milne, the Mitutoyo Canada IT specialist in charge of the Rosetta integration, is pleased how even personnel in advertising can now make changes to pages on the company’s web site without IT’s involvement, as well as have their changes ripple into French automatically. “Clay Tablet has gone far beyond what I expected their product to do,” he said. Milne is recommending Clay Tablet’s products to his counterparts in Mitutoyo’s regional offices worldwide.

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