Clay Tablet Technologies Launches Technology For Integrating Content Management Systems With Translation Systems

Toronto, Ontario, September 15th, 2005 — Clay Tablet Technologies, an innovator in multilingual content management, today introduced an exciting new approach for connecting content management systems with translation systems to make the translation process faster, easier and more efficient.

Technological hurdles and operational costs have made it impossible for all but the largest organizations to manage dynamic multilingual websites — and even they face substantial challenges. With its new products and services, and partnerships with leading translation service providers, Clay Tablet is changing all that — revolutionizing the way organizations communicate on the web. 

With Clay Tablet, keeping a multilingual web site, databases or flat files current and relevant is easy: marketing, HR, customer service and others can easily manage their own content in their own language. Updated content is automatically forwarded by Clay Tablet to designated translators, or to Clay Tablet's translation partners, such as ACCU Translation Services Limited, where experienced translators use the latest in translation memory technologies to ensure perfect, context-sensitive translation every time. Translated content is then seamlessly routed back to where it came, where it goes live instantly or awaits final approval. The process is automated and based on first-of-its-kind translation middleware. A patent is pending.

“Clay Tablet is the only provider to integrate content management system and translation management technologies with leading translation technologies and service partners,” said Robinson Kelly, founder and president of Clay Tablet Technologies. “The result is a complete multilingual content solution that can transform the way organizations communicate, and who they communicate with.”

In preparing its own website in support of this launch, Clay Tablet completely revised its English content, and with the help of ACCU Translations, rolled out fully localized Mandarin, French, Spanish, Japanese and German websites at the rate of one language per day, completing its multilingual website rollout Friday, August 9th.

Multilingual websites are becoming more and more of a requirement for organizations operating in the global marketplace: while 85% of web pages are in English, only 45% of web users are native English speakers, and that percentage is declining (IDC). According to Merrill Lynch, to support 70% of Europe's audience, web content must be available in at least 5 languages.

About Clay Tablet Technologies 
Clay Tablet Technologies’ unique translation integration software, Clay Tablet 2.0, easily connects any number of content management systems to any translation system or provider. Clients immediately benefit from Clay Tablet 2.0 with improved translation process efficiency, making it significantly faster and easier to set-up, manage, send and retrieve translation projects. Based in Toronto, Canada, Clay Tablet works exclusively with a global channel partner network of technology vendors, translation service providers and system integrators.  For more information, visit

About ACCU Translations
ACCU Translation Services Ltd. has been an innovative and a leading-edge provider of translation and localization services since 1975. With offices in Burlington, Ontario & Quebec City, and over 200 in-house and freelance translators, editors, proofreaders and linguists worldwide, ACCU delivers top-quality translation services in over 50 languages.

ACCU combines their own extensive experience with cutting-edge translation technology — providing unmatched consistency and quality. Find out more at

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