The Enormous Benefits of Automation

When you stop cutting and pasting, you start to appreciate the enormous opportunities created by Clay Tablet.

Greater productivity – send as much content as you want to, in as many languages as you need.

In a manual setting, your ability to process translation is limited to the capacity of individuals, working on one time-consuming and error-prone project at a time.

The ratio of effort to results changes dramatically and you begin to save time and money every day, secure in the knowledge that the job was done on time and on budget.

Faster results – a Clay Tablet connector can turn around a job faster than you can cut and paste it.

Click ‘send’ and your content is on its way to your translation partners, travelling across the fast and secure Clay Tablet Platform. Files are exported with clear instructions, received by a language connector and put in the queue for processing in less time that it would take to cut and pasted a handful of pages.

With speed as your advantage, you can process more data, in more languages and take on more volume than previously imaginable.

Greater competitive advantage – speed lets you publish content to market and meet deadlines simply not possible using the old, manual processes.

With speed on your side, you can enter into service agreements knowing that you can rely on predictable turn-around times and around-the-clock efficiency.

Superior control – follow and track any project at any stage of the translation process.

With Clay Tablet technology, there is no guessing. Our platform sits at the centre of your translation processes, the Platform gives you powerful “global” project status, routing and reporting capabilities, so you’ll always know where your projects are, where they need to go next and where they've been.

Ultimate flexibility – we’re convinced that you’ll love our technology but we don’t expect you to marry it.

Clay Tablet is vendor neutral – integrating any content management system with any translation system. So now you have the freedom to use any translation service provider, or translation technology, now, or at any time in the future.


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