Our licensed platforms

Ownership and control under one roof

The Clay Table Platform provided from the cloud is a ready and reliable resource, capable of outstanding performance and agility.

But you want more. You want all of your systems living under one roof, in a highly controlled environment where you call all the shots.

To satisfy your need for flexibility, control and peace of mind, we offer our exclusive licensed version of our powerful and proven licensed Platform.

Now, you can run our Platform inside your enterprise solution and still enjoy all the advantages of a hosted solution, including –


The Clay Tablet Platform was built to accommodate change. Adding additional systems is just a matter of configuration. For more complicated situations, our SDK provides a fast-track for the fast and painless installation of custom connections.


Both our IAAS and licensed offerings share an enormous capacity for rapid or unexpected growth. Our unique, message-queue-based architecture requires no complex load balancing or other technologies. You’re free to grow, expand or fluctuate your volume worry free.


Clay Tablet Platform has been built in Java meaning it will run in virtually any server environment. Its underlying framework allows us to quickly and effortlessly swap out supporting infrastructures such as file systems, message queues & databases so it can make use of your organization's existing infrastructure investment as much as possible.

Return on investment

The Clay Tablet Platform was designed to work the way you work and to keep your systems on the leading edge of technology at all times. It’s our job to ensure that the additional systems in quick and efficient. Plus, our extensive network of technology partners gives us advance notice of updates, often before they become available to you.

All of these advantages add to a lower total cost of ownership and a reduced burden on your team’s precious time.


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